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We offer a fee-based service for those who do not want or need a particular product but simply want us to research and investigation all of their financial provisions, resulting in a comprehensive report with recommendations.

This includes reviewing current investment strategies on short- to medium-term savings plans and all pension provisions from current and previous employment, reviewing current protection policies to ensure that they are in line with family requirements, reviewing any existing mortgage facility to ensure you are paying with lowest possible rate, and reviewing your overall tax situation to ensure that you are claiming all tax credits/flat rate expenses available and that your cut-off point is appropriate to your household income (if you are jointly assessed).

Our hourly rate is €250.

Fee Based Services

Hourly Fee €250

Analysis of current financial situation

Review any credit facilities i.e. credit cards or loans

Review any savings and investment provisions i.e. deposits, unit-linked funds, share trading accounts, dividends

Review any pension provisions from current or former employment

Assess requirement for inheritance tax provisions

Write a comprehensive report outlining findings and making recommendations where necessary based on current market conditions and legislation


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Auto Enrolment Group Pensions

Pensions & Retirement Planning

Executive Pensions

UK State Pension




Fee Based Services

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