UK State Pension

Did you work in the UK for more than three years in the past? If so, you may be entitled to the UK State pension. You may also have a preserved benefit with a previous employer’s occupational pension scheme, for example, the NHS pension scheme. If you were working in the private sector or were self-employed you may also have a private pension in the UK.

Our experience has shown that many people are not aware that they might have UK pension entitlements or how best to utilise them. If you have previously paid National Insurance Contributions in the UK or have an entitlement to an occupational pension or private pension in the UK that you have not yet drawn down, we can help you identify your entitlements and the best way to access them being a resident in Ireland. We can update you with any important regulatory changes in both Ireland and the UK that may impact on your entitlements or create additional tax liability in the future – and perhaps help you avoid these.

Progressive Financial Services are registered tax agents with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The initial consultation is free; any further investigations will incur a fee.

UK Pension

We will act on your behalf, and provide you with a full written breakdown of your existing entitlements and any options that are available, such as:

  • Retaining your pension(s) in the UK i.e. leave it where it is and monitor it going forward)
  • Transferring your pension(s) to your current employer’s scheme
  • Transferring to a Personal Retirement Bond in Ireland (QROPS)

All our recommendations hinge around tax efficiency and optimum investment strategies. We will require the following information in order to perform a search of any entitlements:

Need to see if you can qualify for UK pension entitlement in Ireland? Contact us to help

Your entitlement to the state pension in the UK

Your pension entitlement in Ireland depends on a number of factors, including your nationality, the amount of time you have lived in the UK and Ireland, and whether you have made contributions to the pension system in the UK. If you are an Irish national who has lived in the UK and made contributions to the UK pension system, you may be entitled to their state pension.

You can check your eligibility for a UK state pension by contacting us here at Progressive FS. Alternatively the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions. If you are not eligible for a pension in the UK, you may be entitled to an Irish state pension instead. You can check your eligibility for an Irish state pension by again contacting Progressive FS or the Irish Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


Irish residents account for 28% of the UK State Pension bill in the EU (excluding the UK)


120,000 Irish people are in receipt of the UK State Pension, having worked in the UK in the past


There are currently 149,000 Irish people working in the UK


One in three Irish people who have worked in the UK are entitled to a tax rebate – source