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01. Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is where we get to know you, your current financial situation, your objectives, issues or potential obstacles, and any thoughts or concerns you might have about your finances. From there, we gather all the necessary personal information that will allow us to perform a full financial review.

Our aim is to offer you as many options as possible; in order to do this, we need to know as much as we can about your financial situation and your aims. We want the resulting financial review to be a full, comprehensive, and useful tool for you to take control of your present and future finances.

The initial meeting is free and can be done in person on sight, off sight, or virtually.

02. Research

Once we have had our initial meeting, and you are satisfied that we have all the relevant personal information and know what you want to achieve, then we progress onto the second stage of our service cycle – research. During this stage, we look at any existing policies, investments, pension provisions and any other financial products you currently hold, to make sure you have the best fit in every category for your needs.

We also research the market for the most suitable product offerings for your unique situation. Remember – because we provide a fee-based review service, there is no pressure or obligation to take out any products through us – so you can be sure that our recommendations are based on YOUR needs and situation, rather than any potential commission.

03. Study and Advise

Once we have concluded our research, we prepare a full financial report based on our findings and recommendations. Our aim with this report is to put you in the driving seat of your own financial situation, and so we outline every option that we think might be viable and useful for you.

We go through this report with you in detail, as clearly as possible, highlighting any recommendations. After discussing your situation at length, and ensuring you are confident in any decisions you need to make, we then agree a way forward, if any.

04. Implementation

The next stage is putting into action any further steps you decide to make. Again, we do not base our fees on any commission, so there is no pressure at all to purchase any products. However, if you do decide that a recommendation is a better fit for your needs, we can arrange the agreed option between you and the product provider.

05. Ongoing Reviews

We believe that the best financial plan needs to be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure you are getting the very best product for your needs. A vital stage of our service cycle is to regularly monitor and review your financial plan. We recommend a review to be done every 6 to 24 months, depending on your needs and circumstances.

Service Timeline

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