Putting the Sexy In Finance

Put a group of people together and divided them by age; under 40s on the left and over 40s on the right. Start your presentation with the words “Your Pension” or some other financial jargon and I guarantee the left hand side of the room glazes over and falls asleep. The right hand side may listen but only because they feel obligated to.

I think this general attitude is a result of scare tactics being one of the main marketing tools used in the Financial Adviser / Broker industry. We want to change that. Instead of showing you all of the awful things that could happen if you don’t put a plan in place, we find out what you really want and work together to create a realistic plan to achieve those objectives.

How do we instill our enthusiasm in others about their financial health?

For a start we want to create a blogosphere of information that interests people. What intrigues you? Suggestions from you in our comments area below will help us shape our first few articles. Our objective is to make the articles interesting and fun, and keep everyone AWAKE.

For example:

When should I start thinking about a pension. Should I even care? I hear they are worthless anyway.

Should I purchase a house or continue renting? How do mortgage calculators work?

Do I need life cover? I think my job has something… I don’t understand how this works.

Deposit rates are horrible. What else can I do with my money that’s more effective?

Give us some guidance on what interests you and we’ll do our best to write in a fun, yet informative way.

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