Denis Eustace

Denis Eustace QFA

Denis is a Qualified Financial Advisor with 20 years of experience in the banking and mortgage sectors. He worked in Credit Underwriting before moving to a client facing role as Mortgage Manager for one of the Pillar banks which makes him incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of the lending process.

Denis is extremely customer focused and will hand hold you from the initial enquiry right through to drawdown and getting your keys. He can help you with all aspects of the process including tips with estate agents, dealing with solicitors, your mortgage protection needs, valuation of your desired property and much more. Crucially, being able to show the banks that you are “mortgage ready” and allowing you to take the necessary steps to get to this point.

Denis is acutely aware that the old-fashioned business hours of 9AM-5PM Monday – Friday are no longer the norm and he is always willing to be flexible with clients and will be happy to assist you at a time and day that suits your needs.

In his spare time Denis is an avid sports fan. He coaches children in his local GAA club as well as his local Boxing club. He attempts to play golf when he gets the rare chance.

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